Here’s a little guide to give you an idea what’s onboard the boat. You can also see our FAQ Page for other questions or our Packing List helper.

Our videos will also give you a sense of what the boat looks like, and what the channel is like. Our communal barge boat is a work in progress, so there may be more available there soon as well.


All boats have:

* Small battery-operated fans
*Batteries for fans (please turn them off when not in use. )
*A small cooler (can hold a few drinks or sandwiches)
*Battery lights (please turn off when not in use)
*Fresh Bed linens – sheets, blankets (winter), pillowcases that are washed after each guest. If you are on for longer stays we change them as needed.
*Bath towels and clothespins to hang them
*Bug spray (but you may want to bring your own). The bugs aren’t an issue during the day, and although they aren’t terrible at night, during dusk (the hour during/after sunset) they do come out for a bit.
*Sunscreen (please don’t take it with you) .  (Located in basket)
*Shampoo/Conditioner/soap (Located in basket)
*First Aid Kit (located in basket)

*Solar shower. This is like a camp-bag that heats in the sun.
*Tanks of water to fill the shower (we still suggest bringing your own drinking water).  We refill the solar shower as needed.
*Porto Potty and toilet paper (which we empty and clean, hence the cleaning fee). Please only throw toilet paper in the toilet – no paper towels.
*One to two kayaks with paddles (depending on number of guests) which you can have unlimited use of. Most of our kayaks are tandems but we have some singles for solo travelers. There are some awesome mangrove-lined channels near the boat you can explore that feels like you are in another world.
*Life Jackets and all necessary safety equipment required by the Coast Guard. You must be able to swim for safety reasons
*Snorkel Masks
*Sun shade biminis (for the summer months)

The Communal Barge Boat (which all renters can access) has:

*A small grill
*Coffee percolator and coffee cups, coffee, sugar, cream
*Pool Floats

Additional items:

The Mangrove Buddha has a CD player and a few CDs – feel free to bring your own.

The Mangrove Turtle has a generator (must stay outside) and an Air conditioner. Fuel is $10 extra per fill up.