A dry bag and an Anti-Hurricane Irma Beer koozie

Hey everyone! I’m sure I’ll add some items to this post, but here are some useful things to bring (in addition to the typical luggage), and a couple helpful links.

Packing List

*Bathing suit (should be a no-brainer). For check in, please wear something that can get a little wet. Don’t show up in dinner clothes…

*Water shoes

*Cleansing (baby) wipes (please don’t throw these in the toilet.)

*Breathable, long sleeve shirts (if you plan on spending a lot of time exploring). Like fishing shirts. (They also sell these at Kmart here on the island.)

*Sun hats (or just baseball caps)

*REEF SAFE SUNSCREEN Some of our coral reefs (not the ones they will take you too) look like the elephant graveyard on the Lion King. It is really sad to see them that way. We don’t have many reefs left, so please help protect them. If you are doing a snorkel tour, please consider wearing this product:  https://stream2sea.com. If you enter your e-mail they send a code and you can get FREE shipping on the first order over $25 (that’s two sunscreens),  and if you enter the code (CaptainPlanet) you get another 10 percent off plus 20% of your order goes to a local reef-protection organization. With both coupons, it’s only a couple bucks more than normal sunscreen and cheaper than ordering on Amazon.com. 

*A good book or magazine

*Go pro or other waterproof cameras

*Dry bags (we rent some as part of the beach package but wouldn’t hurt to bring your own).  If you don’t want to take a chance with Amazon.com’s (or other company) dry bags, we also have souvenir dry bags to purchase which we throughly tested to make sure they are completely submersible and watertight. 

*Drinking water (Florida water is just OK)

*A really awesome water bottle that keeps stuff ice cold. Drinks heat up fast in the sun!

*On that note…Beer koozies (holders that keep it cold)

*Snacks (can buy some at the deli)

*Ice for the cooler (can buy some at the Seaside Deli, Publix grocery, Chevron gas station or nearby bar)

*Paper plates, cups, bowls, cutlery (we do not supply these can buy at the deli but would be cheaper if you brought them from a grocery store).

*Iced coffee (we are working on a coffee station but in the meantime…)

*Portable speaker (the Mangrove Buddha has speakers on it but the others do not) Could be good for the beach though!

*Backup phone charger (we have solar charge ability on the boats, but if you’re out and about all day this might help).

*Fishing Gear: There are a bunch of snappers and Spanish grunts in the channel, but if you’re planning on fishing DO NOT PUT BAIT IN OUR FOOD COOLERS. We get that this is a boat, but it is also an accommodation so please be respectful and don’t clean the fish on our boats/kayaks or leave fish guts and chum all over the place. There are cleaning tables at Hurricane Hole marina and they also do cook your catch if you get anything worth keeping 😉


Not a packing item, but just an FYI. If you are on a longer stay and need a “real” shower, Garrison Bight Marina (downtown…you need to drive) sells them for $4. Pay the dockmaster. Additionally, we offer a beach package that includes use of a cold water outdoor rinse shower on the private island, hammocks, volleyball court, floats, and snorkels and dry bags.

Useful Links/Tools:


*(Public Bus Schedule) Download this if you don’t have a car: http://www.cityofkeywest-fl.gov/egov/documents/1517416199_82478.pdf.

*Weather: We use the Wunderground Radar. Weather changes frequently here and little storms can pop up out of nowhere. https://www.wunderground.com/weather-radar/united-states/fl/key-west/byx/

*Tide Charts: (helpful if you plan on doing a lot of further exploring by kayak). Check wind directions too. https://tidesandcurrents.noaa.gov/noaatidepredictions.html?id=8724527&legacy=1


Hope it helps!

Dream. Drift.  Discover.

-Amber & Zappa