Since Boat Camping attracts a lot of outdoor enthusiasts interested in camping in Key West, we’ve been considering the idea of using as a booking platform in addition to Airbnb,

What’s HipCamp you ask? To put it simply: it’s the Airbnb of camping¬† – and it’s growing quickly! For hosts, instead of renting an apartment or luxury condo, they can rent rustic lodges, a spot of land to pitch a tent, or in our case – sailboats to camp on!

Budget travelers can also rent RV sites, yurts, domes, cabins, or even “car camping” spots in locations across the country. The website model is very similar to Airbnb – so there’s not much of a learning curve if you’ve already signed up.

We’ve officially listed the Ninja and are working on getting the others up. It’s a lot easier to find us on here (fewer listings), plus, our upcoming tent camping option on the water will be available soon for last minute, one-night bookings only.

Check it out today! You might find other cool listings if you’re road tripping your way to the Southernmost Point in the USA!

Dream. Drift. Discover.

~Amber and Zappa