We’ve been making a few changes on the boats and have big plans for the winter 2017-2018. But here’s what we are working on now for summer 2017:

Solar Power on the Ninja & Mango

Now that it has slowed down a bit from the busy winter season we are pleased to say that we have solar power on both the 22-foot sailboats, the Mango and the Ninja! Zappa just installed two on each boat so that we can now charge cell phones and small devices. They also power the fans onboard. (Please note that we are still working on this for the Bamboo but need more solar panels which are not cheap).


New Look and Comforts

Amber just gave the interior and exterior of the Ninja a fresh coat of paint, as well as the exterior of the Mango. Both boats are looking as snazzy as they did a year ago. In addition, we added a new ladder to the Ninja (the old one was tricky), new bed linens, and cool pool rafts to float around on.

This pool raft has even has a cup holder!!

This pool raft has even has a cup holder!!


While temperatures are comfortable in the winter, the summer can be humid and very hot. Although there’s usually a breeze on the water, now that we have solar we are experimenting with various ways to cool the boat down for the summer (like a solar ice-powered chiller). Stay tuned.


This is still in the works but we found a really cool solar cooker so you can boil water for coffee in the sun. They are all backordered so we only have one right now and are tweaking it a little so it cooks faster.