In the Florida Keys, when there is a full moon we don’t just say “wow, no wonder why everyone is weird today.” We also take full advantage of the phenomenon by planning fun events ranging from drum circles and live music to adventures on the water.

For the full moon in May, we joined forces with Kayak Kings of Key West (again) and paddled out to the Boca Chica sandbar at sunrise. This meant getting up at 4a.m. and paddling in the dark until the sun began to show itself. The moon was still out, so by the time we had our morning swim in the sandbar, both the full moon and the sun could be seen. It was a peaceful, magical way to start the day.

On the way back, we stopped to say good morning to guests from New Orleans who were staying on the Ninja. They even brought their traveling crawfish with them!

Nola Guests

Nola Guests

Come explore with us soon!

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-Amber & Zappa