The Mangrove Pearl

Great for two to four guests.

The Mangrove Pearl, Charming, Vintage, Sailboat.

Although the Pearl is 22-foot like the Mango and the Ninja, she’s wider and has more headroom with two “couches” that can serve as a bed, so three people can fit more comfortably than on the other boats (however still best for two).  She doesn’t have the same kitchen table set up, but there is a small table/shelf that pulls down from the ceiling and a drink table that you can set up on the outside of the boat in the cockpit (great for beers as the sun is going down). The Pearl has a more vintage feel to it, but sits a little higher up (so can be a tad more difficult to get to from the kayak). It does not have a pop roof (only the Mango and Bamboo have this).