The Mangrove Mango

Perfect for two people

The Mangrove Mango is Our Cozy 22-foot Sailboat.

This 22-foot Catalina sailboat is moored in a shallow, peaceful channel in Key West, meaning that you cannot just step off the boat onto land. The boat is “neighbors” with the Mangrove Ninja, yet they are far enough away that each one has privacy. This boat is a few years older than the Ninja, yet it is a very popular boat brand/model in the sailing community. We provide two kayaks that you can use as much as you want to explore some awesome attractions in the area. It takes less than 5 minutes to kayak from the shore to the Mangrove Mango, and we provide one parking space nearby as well. There is no electricity or running water so staying on the boat is like primitive camping with additional comforts. Solar showers, battery lights, fans, porta potty, bed (with linens) are all provided.


This boat has less headroom above the bed area (be careful sitting up), however, the sitting area has a pop-top, so the roof of part of the boat lifts to provide more air and enough room to stand up in the boat when it is raised. The ladder is a little easier for boarding, and the interior decor is tropical (bright orange walls). We have also added a swim platform/sun deck to make it easier to board. This boat is the closest to the shore (but they are all close).