The Mangrove Bamboo

Great for Solo Travelers

The Mangrove Bamboo is our smallest member of the fleet.

Due to the high demand of SOLO travelers that stay on our boats, we bought this bought with a single traveler in mind. 

At just 20-foot long, it is 2 feet smaller than the Ninja, Pearl, Buddha and the Mango but feels surprisingly roomy for its size. 


The main sacrifice of the two feet of space is in the outer area (sitting area) on the rear of the boat which is smaller than the Ninja.   

The second main difference is there is no set kitchen table with seats as there are on the other boats. However, a small table tray folds down to create a “table.” This boat also has a different layout than the other two, with the Vberth (forward bed) in the same place.    

Can it fit comfortably fit two? Yes.  

Couples or good friends who don’t mind sharing a small space (and bed) can be easily accommodated on this boat, but we are recommending for one.  

Can it fit more than 2 people? Sort of…..

If you’d like to add a third person or 4th person, there are two couch beds so that – in theory – you can fit 4 people but you’d be packed like sardines so we don’t recommend it. Still, we’ve had plenty of people do it when hotels are crazy expensive and they don’t plan on spending much time onboard. 

The back deck is pretty small, so grabbing a pillow and sleeping out there would be a bit uncomfortable (some of the other boats have larger back decks, and some guests enjoy sleeping out under the stars). There is an additional charge if you add more guests beyond 2.  

 Location: All of our boats are in the same area but space apart, and we launch kayaks from the same launch point. You can kayak to bars, restaurants, and mangrove mazes from all the Key West sailboat rentals.

This boat, the Mangrove Bamboo, is medium distance from the launch point (a three minute paddle) but is directly next to the channel. This means that during the day, you will get some rocking from boat traffic going by. If you’d like to be right next to shore, we suggest the Ninja, Mango, or Buddha (keep in mind, these three are very close to the launch and there will be other guests coming and going from the launch).