Our Boats

Sleep under the stars and listen to the sounds of nature. 
Our boats are on the open water, not in a marina.

The Mangrove Bamboo

The Mangrove Bamboo is our newest (and smallest) member of the fleet. Due to the high demand of SOLO travelers that stay on our boats, we bought this bought with single travelers in mind. At just 20-foot long, it is 2 feet smaller than the Ninja and the Mango, but feels surprisingly roomy for its size.

The Mangrove Buddha

The 22-foot Mangrove Buddha has a similar set up to that of the Mangrove Mango – low ceiling (the lowest of all the boats) over the bed, a table, and a massive pop top. This boat also has a CD player radio and speakers in the bow and mid ship for some musical jams on the water.

The Mangrove Mango

The Mangrove Mango is a 22-foot Catalina sailboat with a “pop top” feature to add more headroom over the table and sitting area. The ceiling over the bed is pretty low, and the exterior has more space than some of the other 22-foot boats (great if you want to sleep under the stars on the deck). It is one of the closer boats to shore. 

The Mangrove Ninja

This boat has more headroom above the bed, however you cannot stand up in the boat. The ladder is a little trickier on this boat than on Boat #2 (the Mango). This boat has more traditional/simple interior decor.

The Mangrove Pearl

Although the Pearl is 22-foot like the Mango and the Ninja, she’s wider and has more headroom with two “couches” that can serve as a bed, so three people can fit more comfortably than on the other boats (however still best for two).

The Mangrove Turtle

Our newest and largest boat, the Mangrove Turtle, is three feet longer than the other boats and had much more head room. Please note that although it is in the same general area as the other boats, the waters immediately surrounding the boat are deeper than the others – you cannot stand up in the water like you can with our other 5 boats. There is also a little sunken power boat under it that is fun to snorkel. The exterior of the boat is green (like the Pearl).

The Mangrove Smurf