We’ve been getting a lot of questions concerning the red tide problem on mainland Florida now that it turned up in Miami.

We do not have red tide in the Florida Keys, and have not had it during the red tide outbreak this year that is making national  news.

The current conditions are not favorable as it needs a “food source” to flourish (among other factors).

The Florida Fish and Wildlife is constantly testing the waters around Florida and you can see the areas with red tide on their new interactive map (shown at left above but click link for daily updated version). The grey spots are where the water was tested but negative, colored spots (yellow, orange, and red) are the areas where red tide is present in various degrees.

The Florida Keys, Melbourne, Jacksonville (and most of Northern Florida actually)  have not had an issue with red tide.

To my knowledge, the algae needs warm water to fuel growth, and from here on out that water starts to cool as the winter approaches.

I hope this helps in your planning.