Things are back up and running after Hurricane Irma. Businesses are open again, and everyone is gearing up for winter. Those driving to the Keys from Miami will still see the effects of Irma as there are still debris piles on the sides of the roads. Removing debris takes time, so please be understanding and if you can, please stop by in Big Pine, Marathon and other areas in the Middle Keys and buy lunch or souvenirs at the local businesses there. They need it! By the way, we highly recommend stopping at thd Wooden Spoon in Marathon for breakfast. It’s our favorite 🙂

Key West looks the same (more or less) as it did before hurricane. We have some scars, but otherwise it’s the same quirky island we all love. We have guests onboard all three of our sailboats this week for Fantasy Fest and are taking reservations for future dates. We also just put a deposit down on a fourth boat which we are very excited about!

The new sailboat has more of a vintage feel on the inside, with wood furnishings and a divider wall by the bed, so could be a great choice for friends traveling together as it could fit three people more easily than our other options. We plan to move it to Key West and have it ready to go by mid November.

I’ll add a photo soon, but for that’s it for now!


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-Amber and Zappa