After searching and searching for a good boat in the Keys, Zappa and I (Amber) realized that we were getting nowhere on the islands. Very few boats remained for sale after hurricane Irma, or – we should say – seaworthy boats. So, we decided to head to the mainland to find our new Zen boat.

We had this idea to create a soothing, mystic atmosphere onboard complete with yoga mats for the platform (sunrise yoga anyone?). None of the boats we’ve found seemed to match. Even the Mangrove Pearl (new for December 2017) had more of a vintage, pirate feel.

So, we left for the mainland at 3:30am with one windshield wiper working (of course not the driver’s side) and spots of rain along the route. We had narrowed our search to three boats scattered in West Palm Beach. After an afternoon climbing all over sailboats, none of them fit the bill.

Disappointed, we retreated to an ice cream shop before heading back to Key West. On the ride back, while stuck in traffic, we decided to try the “guy in Lauderdale” selling a 22- Foot Macgregor one more time. He picked up, agreed to meet us, and the boat was exactly what we wanted. We signed the paperwork over and I asked him the name of the boat. “I call it Siddhartha,” he said. Talk about a sign.

Our new boat before reaching her new watery home.

Lloyd had sailed Siddhartha on lakes in Utah (keeping his family safe at night from bears and mountain lions) and all around Florida. He was sad to sell the boat but happy it was going to the Keys.

“If I had the time, that’s exactly where I would have it stay,” he told us.

Too strapped on time to sail it back to Key West, we hooked the trailer up and headed to Florida City where we crashed for a few hours in Everglades Hostel (great spot!).

After a very busy 24 hours, we are now back in the Keys with the new boat, the Mangrove Buddha!

It will be ready for renting soon so stay tuned 🙂

Dream. Drift. Discover.

-Amber and Zappa