While most of our guests come in groups of two, we have been hosting an abundance of solo travelers. We are chalking this up to a couple factors: first, the hotels are expensive for one person to pay on their own, and second, the very nature of traveling solo usually comes with a sense of adventure, and for that BoatCamping is perfect. You can read more about why the boats are great for solo travelers in this post.

Solo Traveler Sailboat

Solo Traveler Sailboat

So, we brought in our newest boat, the Bamboo, with solo travelers in mind. At 20 feet, it’s a bit smaller than our other two boats (which are 22 feet), yet the boat is surprisingly roomy inside. This is due to the fact that the outer area is much smaller. The boat was sailed over from the Bahamas to Key West and is a beautiful little boat, which we are calling a “crash pad.”

Like the Mango, it has the awesome feature of a “pop top” on the rear section, adding more breeze and headroom to part of the vessel. There are two benches inside, so it is possible to fit two budget travelers who don’t mind being in very small spaces together – but again, ideal for one.

Since we get a lot of requests for fishing, we are adding the option of fishing gear, pole, and bait container for an additional fee – but you must clean up the fish! Please don’t leave stinky dead fish and bait in the kayak – it takes a lot of bleach and scrubbing for days to get it out after the Florida sun gets to it (apologies for the visual).

This boat doesn’t have the same “kitchen table” set up as the other two. Instead a small table tray folds away and we are adding a hammock to the top deck. Kayak, read a book in the hammock, and appreciate the stars at night. Solo traveling doesn’t get much more relaxing than this.

Solo rates for the Bamboo start at $55/night during winter (two-night minimum). We do offer some deals (last minute and off season) but we really can’t get much lower than that.

So come check out our new little boat without breaking the bank!


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