We love reading our ship’s log, and thought we’d make a digital copy. I’ll post some from time to time, starting with the earliest travelers we’ve hosted:

Sept. 6 2015

Dear Amber and Zappa-
Thank you for letting us use the boat as the pilot test group! We had a wonderful time and several obligatory, spontaneous adventures caused by sheer lack of careful preparation for a camping trip which will in turn make for great stories back home.
We hope this boat will inspire or cause many more adventures for many guests.
Alex and Kristina
PS You need a pirate flag!
(NOTE: We have one now! ARRRR)


September 11 2015

Amber and Zappa,
This boat is awesome! Many thanks for all your hard work and thinking of so many details. We took lots of midnight swims, drinks on deck and the mangrove maze is a must-see. We’re so glad we stayed out here.
Alex and Jessica
Portland, Oregon
St Pete. Florida